New Moon - Part 2 - rewritten from Jacob's perspective

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Chapter 4: Hunt

Embry woke me up a few hours later. I had crawled into bed after the shower, drained and exhausted, and fell into a fitful sleep full of crazy fantastical dreams. He knocked gently on the door before letting himself in. I sat up groggily and swung my legs over to make room for him.

“You okay?” he asked quietly.

“Never better,” I replied sarcastically. But I regretted it immediately when I saw his face. We were in this together. He was as much a victim of this horrible cruel practical joke as I was. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to ..”

“It’s okay,” he mumbled without looking at me. “I understand.”

“So what now?” I asked, even though I didn't actually want to know the answer.

“Well, when you feel ready, you’ll join us on our patrols.”

“What does that mean?”

“We take shifts,” Embry explained. “The leeches have been killing very close to the reservation, so we need to make sure that there’s a wolf awake and alert and patrolling the boundary at all time.”

“Leech,” I chuckled in spite of myself. Not a bad word for the disgusting parasite that they were.

“Because the rest of us are still in school, Sam usually takes the night shift and the daytime shift. And then we split the rest of the time up.” He frowned, “ Well Paul and Jared do. Sam has been having me run with him at nights so that I can learn, but pretty soon I can take my own shifts.”

I frowned too. It hadn’t even occurred to me that I would have a lot of catch-up to do in terms of learning how to be a “good” werewolf.

“Is there a lot to learn?” I asked.

“Yes and no. A lot of it is just instinct. The number one rule is just to control the rage," Embry explained anxiously. “But you’ll be fine – at least with the first part – we were all amazed that you were able to shift back. No one has that type of control yet, except maybe Sam.”

It hurt me to hear that again. As if I needed to be reminded of how natural I was at being a monster.

“It’s not all bad, Jake, really it isn’t,” he stumbled on seeing my pained expression. “You’ll love the speed - we're so fast and we can run for ages. And then there are the heightened senses …”

I looked at him in confusion. Heightened senses? Not that having superhero powers would make this okay, but ...

“Just try it. Listen.”

I did as he said, straining to hear something in the distance. But nothing. So much for being a natural. Apparently, I was a defective werewolf.

“No, no. You can’t try that hard. The key is to let your animal instinct and your gut take over. Relax as much of your human side as possible …”

I followed his instructions, letting the thoughts in my brain quiet to nothingness. And then, suddenly, it flooded through me – my skin tingled as I felt the breeze drifting in through the window, the dampness of the spring day tantalizing my sense of smell. I could hear the cars whizzing by the highway and the sound of children laughing down at the beach almost a mile away. My eyes widened as I realized that everything was in sharper focus. I could see minute cracks on the walls and tiny cobwebs in the ceiling corners, as if they were magnified and illuminated in front of me.

“See? Not so bad, right?” Embry asked encouragingly.

I was about to reply when we both tensed at the sound of someone turning onto my street. It was Quil, his lumbering walk particularly distinctive.  He was still a mile down the road, but we both jumped up in alarm.

“We can’t see him. We can’t tell him,” Embry insisted he grabbed my arm and began to shepherd me out of my room.

“But he’s our friend, can’t we …” I protested feebly even though I knew the stupidity of what I was saying.

“No,” he insisted. “It’s too dangerous. Especially since the two of you get pissed at each other all the time.”

Billy looked up quickly and nodded as we took off through the back door. We ran into the woods behind the house. I heard Embry slow down to start pulling off his clothes. He threw a piece of black leather at me and I understood immediately. I used the string to tie my clothes to my left leg. And then I tensed as I prepared to morph – for the first time voluntarily.

Embry was right. It was mostly instinct. I slowly loosened the hold on the rage within me and suddenly, I was leaping through the air - the heat trembling down my spine – and when I landed, I was on all fours, fully phased.   I threw my arms – or paws out - stretching my back, feeling strangely restful after the past two days of torment, anguish, and pain. I realized that as a wolf, my human emotions were faded and weak, giving myself an outlet from all of the pain.

“Look who decided to join the pack …” Paul cackled.

Damnit. I had forgotten about that mind connection. Suddenly, I wasn’t sure if the outlet from human emotions was worth having him in my head all the time.

“Paul. Behave.” Sam’s deep baritone sounded deeper if it were possible. “Welcome to the pack, Jake. You have a lot to learn.”

The next two weeks passed in a blur. I trailed Sam on all his patrols as he taught me everything I needed to know. I learned to isolate voices in my head from the rest of the noise, to distinguish between the intentional thoughts that the others wanted to share with me and their internal monologue that I tried to avoid at all costs. You never want to listen to what others are really thinking. Trust me on this.

I also learned that the sickly sweet smell – that I had first smelled at Bella’s prom almost a year ago – was actually the scent of vampires. It was now burned in my head as we spent innumerable hours searching for it and following faint trails that seemed to lead nowhere. I cut my hair too, another thing that marked me as one of the pack. Long hair just made our fur too shaggy.

At school, I sat in a daze through my classes, focusing exclusively on moderating my internal composure so that nothing would set me off. My teachers called Billy in concern at my zombie-like state, but he put them off citing teenage rebellion. Not even the hurt looks that Quil gave me constantly could penetrate the intense focus I used to stay calm during class. It didn’t seem that difficult, but the others constantly beat into my head how important it was, that it made me wary that I wasn’t finding it more difficult.

As for Quil, Embry and I avoided him at all costs and I was grateful for our super-heightened senses that allowed us to detect his presence long before he could see us. It made it easier not having to see him. In fact, it made it easier not to see anyone but the other wolves. It was easier to forget that we weren’t normal when we stopped hanging out with normal people. And it was easier to stay in wolf form as much as possible. Despite the irritating voices and complete lack of privacy, it was worth the dulling of the pain that was present every time I shifted back to my human self.

And mostly, I tried not think about Bella. But I couldn’t help it. I knew that she called constantly. Billy ran out of excuses so he just stopped answering the phone. She even came by the following Saturday. I heard the orange Chevy drive up our street and I was paralyzed for a moment, before Embry forced me out of the house and into the woods. We watched her get out of the truck and peer into the empty windows before driving off again. I shifted into a wolf instantly. It didn’t hurt as much that way.

By the second week, I felt infinitely better. I hadn’t phased uncontrollably again since that first night – something that none of the others had managed to do - and I felt the tension leave my shoulders. Maybe this wasn’t as hard as the others said it was. I mean, I still lost my temper all the time, but I always managed to catch myself in time. Unlike, Paul who had been doing this for a year and still seemed to have no control.

Sam decided that we should expand our patrols further beyond the reservation. Now that the Cullens were gone, we didn’t have to worry about staying within the treaty boundaries and our first priority was to nail the bloodsuckers that had been killing hikers in the area.

The five of us headed east on Sunday, towards Forks. It was a beautiful spring-ish day, the first weekend in March. I tried hard not to remember what had happened the first weekend in March last year. Partially because it was too painful and partially because I didn’t need to give Paul and Jared more ammunition to make fun of me.

Even though we were covering new ground, we ran our patrol almost lazily. After two weeks of following faded scents and dead leads, we were exhausted and the cheeriness of the spring day affected us all.

Embry and I raced each other, picking points in the distance and zooming towards them, thrilling at our new-found speed and stamina. It felt like I could run for miles. Jared and Paul were bantering about some chicks they had scoped out on the beach last night. Even Sam seemed to relax a little in the warm sunshine, which meant a lot. Sam was always serious when it came to our responsibilities. But then again, he was the Alpha Wolf, the leader of our little pack. It was his responsibility to watch over us and I respected him because he took his job so seriously.

As Embry and I raced ahead to leap over a stream, the smell hit us in the face. That sickly sweet scent that I had come to know all too well.  Except this was a fresh scent. I could tell by the way my throat constricted and my eyes saw red.

“Stay behind me,” Sam commanded. “We don’t know what to expect, we’ve never actually fought a vampire before. We have to work together.”

We took off running due east following the trail. My anticipation built as I could feel the adrenaline coursing through my veins, joining the red hot anger that always simmered in my blood these days. After weeks of chasing stale trails that led us nowhere, this was it. I finally had a chance to do what I had been dying to do for weeks. Take my revenge on one of those disgusting parasites.

Jared,” Sam demanded as the scent got stronger. Jared had eyesight like binoculars, he could see for miles.

“I see them,” he responded, squinting off into the distance without breaking his stride. “I see two figures in a meadow, straight ahead.” I stared ahead, seeing nothing but trees, but we all kicked into full gear. “I see the black-haired vampire, but the girl … it doesn’t look like her… her hair isn’t red, it’s brown…”

“A human? Maybe a backpacker?”  Paul interjected.

“You don’t see the female vampire anywhere?” Sam demanded urgently.

Jared scanned back and forth. “No nothing. The scent trail is too light for two anyways.”

The pack had been too late time and time again, and we weren’t going to let it happen this time. It was now that I fully appreciated our ability to read each other’s thoughts. It made planning our attack that much easier and more effective. As we covered the remaining distance in a few seconds, I could see the two figures standing in the meadow ahead – two dots among the endless green.

“The other one is definitely human, but I can’t really see her. Her back is to me…” Jared continued.

I squinted my eyes and strained hard, determined not to let someone die if I could prevent it. I saw long wavy chocolate brown hair and a familiar-looking coat. Suddenly, the girl turned her head. She was glancing behind her in a vain attempt to back away.


The roar in my head drowned out all of my thoughts. I overtook Sam as I kicked into another gear that I never knew I had.

“STOP! Stay behind me!”

I heard Sam’s command in that deep timbre of the Alpha Wolf that I knew that I could not disobey, but I tried anyways, fruitlessly, as my muscles refused to obey my mind. They locked mid-stride and I almost crashed headfirst into a tree in surprise. It wasn’t until Sam raced past me that my muscles unlocked again. I caught up to him in seconds. 

“IT’S BELLA!” I growled frantically. We were still yards away. If we were too late …

“SILENCE! We don’t want to tip him off,” Sam hissed.“We’re on Cullen land. We may be breaking the treaty…”

“F*ck the treaty! They aren’t even here anymore!!” I shouted in my head, careful not to make a sound.

“That may be one of their friends – they’re talking, he hasn’t attacked her yet.” Sam replied equally ferociously. “I have to do what’s best for the tribe, Jake.”


“Shut up for a second,” Sam commanded, “Embry, what do you hear?” The other three had caught up with us in our sprint. Embry, like Jared, had heightened senses – except in his case, he had supersonic hearing. 

 “Something about how she’s lucky that he found her …” Embry frowned, straining to hear above the rumbling of our paws as we covered the remaining distance,

“Maybe he is a Cullen friend. Maybe he isn’t the one …” Jared interjected. “After all, we haven’t actually caught them in the act.”

“We’re not using Bella to test your theory,” I growled holding my anger and fear barely in check as I willed Sam to run faster.  Bella was facing away from me again, so I couldn’t see her face. But I could see that she was tense in the way she held her shoulders. We were closing in on the clearing now and into earshot. I watched in horror as the vampire stroked her face, sniffing the breeze.

“Mouthwatering,” he said in a low seductive voice as he inhaled deeply

“WHAT OTHER PROOF …” I growled, forgetting to stay silent, but Sam cut me off.

“Jacob’s right! We’re taking him down! Follow my lead, and don’t do anything until I tell you!”

Sam turned his head to look at me as he said this. I nodded, refusing to take my eyes off of Bella. The sound of my growl must have distracted the leech, because he looked away from her and scanned the forest for the source of the sound.

“We gotta take him down NOW,” Paul urged Sam.

“Not in front of Bella. It’s too dangerous,” I insisted. “We have to chase him away first.”

I heard Embry seconding my thoughts, while Jared backed Paul and insisted that we couldn’t afford to let him get away.

“Wait for his reaction,” Sam commanded and all the voices fell silent.  “They don’t retreat in the legends and so we fight here if that’s what he does.” Sam stopped suddenly, before he continued. “If that happens Jake, you get Bella out of here right away. We’ll take care of him.”

I agreed, but I was torn suddenly between protecting Bella and wanting to rip the bastard to shreds.

Sam stepped out into the meadow first, with a grisly snarl that echoed around the little meadow. Jared and Paul flanked him, followed by me and Embry at the wings.

“I don’t believe it,” the bloodsucker whispered.

I was only a few feet away from Bella and I couldn’t stop myself from turning my head to look at her when I heard her gasp. For a moment, I forgot what I was doing as I was lost in the wonder of seeing her again. Even though I saw her face in my head every time I closed my eyes, it was nothing compared to seeing it in person. But the moment passed when I registered the sheer terror on her face as she stared at me. She thinks I’m a monster, I realized. She’s more afraid of me than the vampire.

“Focus, Jake,” Sam growled.

I whipped my head back to focus on the leech, who at this point was staring at us with unconcealed shock and fear. Then suddenly, he spun and disappeared into the trees quicker than lightening.

It stunned us for a moment. We weren’t expecting him to run away. But instinct kicked in and we peeled after him, flying across the meadow with a few powerful bounds and straight into the woods.

The damn bloodsucker was fast, but not fast enough. We closed on him within minutes, even though he was zigzagging in an attempt to shake us off. Sam and I had pulled away from the others, though I was careful to stay behind Sam. 

“Now,” Sam shouted. And we both jumped at the same time and tackled the leech to the ground. As Sam rolled over, gripping the leech tightly, I saw the chance and pounced in to rip off his head -– the only weapon they have against us. Even though I knew that they were the undead, I was still momentarily shocked when no blood bled out. I threw the dismembered head to Jared who had caught up with us, and then it was a free for all. Despite all of the mock practices we had, instinct took over as Sam and I ripped the body to shreds with our teeth and claws and threw the pieces to Jared and Paul.

Sam morphed suddenly back into his human form and started to fumble at the pouch tied to the leather cord on his leg. He pulled out a butane lighter as the rest of us piled the pieces together. I had never seen anything scarier than the decapitated pieces trying to inch together to reattach themselves. Sam flicked on the lighter and threw it into the mess, and suddenly a black plume of sweet stench filled the air.

We watched silently as the fire burned the pieces into ashes. The others were elated at our success. I could hear their mental celebrations in my head, but I couldn’t join them, not just yet.

“Bella, she’s wandering through the woods right now. What if the red-haired leech is around?” I pressed Sam anxiously.

“Go, but do not let her see you. And stay in wolf form,” Sam commanded in his Alpha voice that I could not disobey.

I took off and followed her fresh human scent from the meadow, tracing her stumbling steps through the forest. Damnit. I knew that she hadn’t mastered the compass and grid method I had taught her. What the hell was she doing in the woods by herself?

I finally caught up with her, she was stumbling through the muddy ground, in the completely wrong direction, seemingly paying no attention to where she was going. I had never seen her so terrified and I wondered if it was a reaction to the leech or to me.

Knowing that I couldn’t disobey Sam’s orders, I stayed hidden in the forest, following her just out of her sight. She seemed to know someone was following her, as she turned her head often in my direction looking fearfully out into the dim light of the forest around her. I began to worry that she wouldn’t be able to make it out of the forest before dark, but she finally started to get her bearings and was able to use the compass correctly - laying it on the ground every few minutes to check her direction the way that I had taught her. She finally arrived at the parking lot and I watched as she stumbled into the orange Chevy and headed back to Forks.

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