At the Cliffs

My take on New Moon / Eclipse - written from Bella's perspective

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Chapter 25: Battle

Leah left me alone as I waited for Jake, Collin, Seth, and Brady to reappear. It took them longer to phase than I thought it would, but I didn’t think anything of it. I was just glad that Jake was in wolf form. I didn’t know if I was ready to talk to him just yet.

I climbed onto Jake’s back and we were off, running through the forest at top-speed, flanked by Collin and Brady, who stayed close to Jake’s heels. Seth followed behind. Even though they were in wolf form, I could tell that they were growing more tense as the first rosy rays of sunlight began to show over the horizon. It was almost dawn. It was almost time.

We finally got to our destination, ten miles away, the deserted fields up by where Jake and I used to practice riding our bikes. The layout was similar to the quarry field that we had left behind, the rock formations were just on a smaller scale.

I slipped off Jake’s back and stumbled unsteadily to my feet. I had no more energy left in me. I had been up for 24 hours at this point and the strain and worry over what would happen in the hour to come was getting to me.

Jake stood silently, in the middle, facing the other wolves. It looked like he was giving them some instructions through their mental mind-connection. They all nodded as he finished. Then Seth took off into the forest, probably to run patrol; Collin and Brady made their way back to the entrance of the field.

Then Jake turned to look at me. Even in wolf form, I could read the uncertainty on his face. I knew that he was wondering whether he should phase or not. He seemed to make up his mind as he walked over in wolf form, stopping just a few feet in front of me. Dawn was breaking; I could feel the first faint rays of sunlight shimmering through the trees and warming my skin. It was time for him to leave.

We stood there looking at each other for a long time. Then Jake lowered his head, his deep familiar brown eyes stared out at me and then I understood why he didn’t need to phase. After all, what more was there for him to say? He had said everything already. He had never had anything to hide from me. I knew everything that he was and everything that he felt. But what about me? Did he know how I felt about him? Did I even know?

Jake nudged me gently, affectionately, before turning to leave. But I couldn’t let him go like that.

“Jake, wait!” I shouted as I stumbled over my feet to put my hands up around the giant wolf’s head. I brought it down so that we were looking each other in the eye again. I could read the uncertainty in his eyes.

“Be safe,” I whispered. “I couldn’t bear it if something happened to you.”

He snorted as he rolled his eyes, but this wasn’t time for any macho-ism. I shook my head as I stared deeply into his eyes again.

“I mean it. I couldn’t bear it if something happened to you.”

Jake’s eyes grew solemn as he watched me. And then they grew hopeful as he read my face. He nodded and leaned forward to nudge me gently with the side of his head. I smiled and leaned into him, reveling in the warmth, strength, and comfort that I always found in him.

A panicked howl suddenly pierced the air, sending shivers down my spine. It was Seth. It had to be. Collin and Brady, who had been loitering a good distance away from us to give us some privacy, came tearing towards us across the field, the panic evident on their faces even as wolves.

Jake whipped around and pushed me towards the rock formation– similar to but much smaller than the ones back at the quarry field - that rimmed the back edge of the field. I dashed towards the rocks and found a good-sized opening between two boulders that I could hide between. It was just dark enough that I couldn’t be easily seen, but would allow me an unobstructed view of the field.

I watched as Brady, Collin, and Jacob quickly concealed themselves behind some of the other random boulders that dotted the center of the field. It was eerily quiet now. The wolves made no sound as they waited. All I could hear was the thumping of my heart in my ears.

I had no idea what was happening. Had Alice made a mistake? Maybe she had seen them in this field instead of the other one. They looked very similar. Was it possible that we were about to be outnumbered while the others waited aimlessly miles away for an enemy that would never come?

I didn’t have to wait long for answers. Seth came tearing into the field just then, stumbling to a stop in the middle of the open field before turning around to face his pursuers. He looked seriously scared as he scanned the woods that he had just come out of anxiously.

That’s when I really began to panic. What the hell? Why was he alone out in the field like that? Didn’t he know that the others – well only 3 others, but still that was better than nothing – were also in the field with him?

A slight movement caught the corner of my eye. I turned slightly to see Collin, whose sandy tan color blended so easily into the tall grass and shrubs of the field, crouching silently in wait. That’s when I realized that Seth was acting. This was part of the plan. The plan they must have put together in the few seconds they had just now thanks to their mind-connection. Seth was the lure, to bring them into the field, where the other wolves would pounce.

My heart was pounding so loudly in my ears that I couldn’t hear the sound of anyone approaching. Not that I could have. I knew from the Cullens how softly their kind could move. I closed my eyes to offer up a quick prayer. When I opened my eyes, they were there.

It was Victoria. And Riley. Just the two of them. They appeared as if out of nowhere, standing now maybe twenty feet in front of Seth. My stomach lurched at the sight of Victoria. Her bright orange hair and mocking eyes seemed to see right through the rocks at me. I shuddered as I drew back further into the darkness. She had found us. She had found me.

But then her eyes glanced past the rocks and scanned across the field. Was it possible that she hadn’t seen me? That I had just imagined her eye contact?

“She’s here, I know it,” Victoria said suddenly to her companion with a sneer.

Riley nodded as he turned to scan the field. I recognized him from all the media coverage. His beautiful blonde All-American college quarter-back good looks were intensified by his new life at a vampire. His hair gleamed even brighter in the sun, his athletic build was even more imposing, and his formerly blue eyes were now a fiery red hue that was matched only by the color of Victoria’s eyes.

They both were completely ignoring Seth – who was putting on an Oscar-worthy performance -in front of them. Even though I knew he was faking it, I couldn’t help holding my breath as I felt the waves of fear rolling off every inch of his furry lanky body.

Seth whimpered suddenly and shrunk back, seemingly asking for mercy, but I could see from behind, that he had merely shifted his weight to his hind legs, ready to spring and attack at a moment’s notice.

“Relax, puppy,” Victoria said dismissively with a wave of her hand. “I’m not here for you. Just keep your mouth shut and don’t alert the rest of your litter.”

Seth whined again softly as he continued to glance at them fearfully.

“On the other hand,” Victoria said suddenly, as she turned the full force of her blood-red eyes onto Seth. “You may know something. Tell me. Where is she? I know she’s here. I can smell her.”

“I can’t smell much beyond the mangy wet dog smell,” Riley snarled as he nodded dismissively at Seth. “Her scent was stronger back at the other field. Maybe we were wrong …”

“Shut up,” Victoria cut him off coldly. “That was a fake out. I know she’s here. I can feel it. I can almost taste it …”

Then suddenly, as if I had suddenly grown a bulls-eye on my forehead, her eyes fell on the opening in the rocks where I was hidden. I was paralyzed as I watched her glowing red eyes fix onto mine. I wasn’t dreaming this time. She had seen me.

“Well well, Bella. I’ve been looking for you,” Victoria purred, her eyes now bright in sadistic delight and fierce hunger.

Riley scanned the rocks where I was hiding, trying to see what Victoria was seeing, but he didn’t dare interrupt her. Victoria took a tentative half step towards me, which only made Seth whine more. She turned to glare at him, but he just continued to whimper.

“Finish him off,” she said to Riley with a dismissive wave of her hand. “I’ll take the girl.”

And then, everything became a blur. I saw Victoria make the motion towards me, but then all I could see was a blur of fur, as Jake, Collin, and Brady launched their ambush, catching the two vampires completely unawares.

Seth had gotten a good hold of Riley, who hadn’t expected the terrified whimpering wolf to pounce on him, and Collin was quickly ripping Riley to pieces. All I could see were marble-like chunks of his body flying around the field.

Jake and Brady had taken on Victoria, who was clearly a much better fighter. She must have sensed their attack a moment before it happened because she had managed to evade Jake’s ambush. Brady took the counterattack, but Victoria swatted him away as if he were an annoying fly. The force of the impact sent Brady flying halfway across the field and he landed hard against some rocks. He let out a low moan and was unsteady as he tried to stand up.

“Give up now,” Victoria taunted Jake. “It took five of you to kill Laurent. You think that you’ll take me down single-handedly?

Jake growled angrily, not rising to her bait. They continued to circle each other like prizefighters in a boxing ring, both waiting for the other to take the first punch.

I shuddered. My nails were digging so hard into my arms that I was practically drawing blood. I looked around quickly. Brady was still disoriented by the impact and would be no help. But Seth and Collin had managed to dismember Riley quickly and efficiently. Collin was now watching over the pieces to ensure that they didn’t reconnect, while Seth had silently looped around the field so that he could ambush Victoria from behind.

Victoria seemed to have forgotten all about her companion. I guess he didn’t mean much to her, because she didn’t even glance over to see if he was okay. Though maybe she underestimated Seth, thinking that Riley had taken him out already.

I realized then that the last thing we wanted was for Victoria to notice that Riley was gone. If she did, she might run. What did Jake say about her? That she had a talent for escaping? I didn’t want her to escape again. This was it. The odds weren’t bad. 3-to-1 with Seth and Collin freed up. 4-to-1 if Brady could get himself together. If she escaped now, she would just come back again. She would never rest until she had gotten me. It was time to end it. To end her. I didn’t want her to harm anyone I loved again.

But what could I do? I only caused problems. I couldn’t solve them. I was just human, unlike all the supernatural heroes that surrounded me. Except … suddenly, I knew what do to.

I reached my hands to grab the Swiss army knife that I had used earlier. The blade glinted in the rising morning sun, almost blinding me for a moment, but I could still see, out of the corner of my eye, Jake and Victoria’s eerie dance of death as they continued to circle each other waiting to pounce. I could also Seth assume his position behind the rocks to attack. It was time.

I brought the blade down onto the side of my arm and I watched as the rosy drops of blood began to drip out. I felt no pain. All I could see was Victoria, paused midstride, her blood red eyes distracted as they stared towards me with an undeniable hunger.

And then she was gone. Covered in a blur of fur as Jake and Seth tore her apart. I saw her head, with its distinctive orange curls go flying towards Collin, who added it to the pile of Riley’s parts that he had created. The rest of Victoria’s body parts quickly followed suit.

Jake shifted suddenly back into his human form. My eyes were wide and I felt slightly faint as I took in his naked body, through I attributed that more to my blood loss than anything else. He pulled a lighter out of the black pouch that he carried around on the string tied around his right ankle. He threw it into the pile of dismembered bodies and we all stood in silence for a moment as we watched Victoria and Riley burn to ashes.

Before I had a chance to react, I saw Jake shift back and take off into the forest. That’s when I remembered the newborns. There was still another battle going on.

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