At First Sight

Twilight - rewritten from Jacob's perspective

Chapter 1: Homecoming →


Perhaps things would have turned out differently if I had never told her about our legends. Legends that I once thought were just your run-of-the-mill scary bedtime stories. How little I knew then. Without those legends, she might have never found out what he truly was. And maybe, just maybe, the chain of events that led her to him would have been broken. And instead, she would have followed her life's natural path. A path that would have led her ... to me.

But I can't bring myself to regret going to the beach that day. That was the day that I saw her - that I really saw her - for the first time. And I was never the same again.

Chapter 1: Homecoming →

About Me

I'm a Twilight fan who believes that Jacob Black is better for Bella than Edward, so I wrote these Team Jacob fanfiction stories to try to convert as many people to my side as possible. :)

I've tried to stay as faithful to the original books as possible up through At the Cliffs, which is when I break off from canon and write out Eclipse the way I wish it had happened!

So ... what do you think? Good? Bad? Ideas for other stories?

Please let me know!


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