Read Jacob's side of the story:

At First Sight

Twilight: "As I stood there, watching her dance in the arms of the man she thought she loved, I was sure about three things. One - she was head over heels in love with him. Two - I was head over heels in love with her. And three - this was just the beginning ..."

In the Shadows

New Moon - Part 1: "Every day that passed, I watched as she became a little more like her old self again – smiling and laughing more, getting excited about our little plans, bantering back and forth about silly things – and I was grateful, to whatever God that was out there, that I was the one who could help her heal ..."


New Moon - Part 2: "'I'm sorry, Bella,' I whispered softly. And then I turned and dashed into the house – straight through the hall and out the back door that Billy had left open. He had known that I would need the escape. I took off into the forest, tearing off my clothes as soon as I reached the trees, desperately seeking the protection of my wolf brain where this wouldn't hurt as much. I phased immediately and took off running. But it didn't make a difference ..."

Read my Jake & Bella friendly take on Eclipse:

At the Cliffs

End of New Moon/Eclipse - Bella's Perspective: "I steadied myself at the edge of the cliff, ready to take the plunge into the swirling icy water below, when suddenly, a hand shot out and grabbed my arm to pull me back. I stumbled backwards and found myself pressed up against a very warm and very bare chest ..."

About Me

I'm a Twilight fan who believes that Jacob Black is better for Bella than Edward, so I wrote these Team Jacob fanfiction stories to try to convert as many people to my side as possible. :)

I've tried to stay as faithful to the original books as possible up through At the Cliffs, which is when I break off from canon and write out Eclipse the way I wish it had happened!

So ... what do you think? Good? Bad? Ideas for other stories?

Please let me know!


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